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Subaru[昴] - Silver Japanese Engraving Earrings

Subaru“Subaru” is the Japanese name for the constellation Pleiades. Since the ancient times “Subaru” has been loved not only in Japan but also around the world, and can be found in various poems and stories.

Created by the centuries-old Wabori engraving, Japanese traditional engraving, technique, these earrings are created by Japanese engraver, engraving every single detail and line with a chisel and small hammer.

Delicately engraved Japanese motifs

We offer a selection of five styles of engraved patterns.

Take a close look at any of these patterns, and their delicacy and detail comes to life before your eyes. When the earrings are worn, the engraving shines and glitters with each of your movements.

  • Subaru :: 925 Sterling Silver Japanese Engraving earring

The meaning of our engraved patterns

Four leaf Clover

Good luck symbol

  • Four leaf Clover


The violet is a herald of spring. In Japan, it is a flower that is loved like the sakura (Cherry blossoms).

  • Violet


Cosmos is one of Japan’s autumn flowers. This beautiful flower is like daisy, only purple colored and larger. Ours is a geometric expression of cosmos.

  • Cosmos

Namiha (Leaves, blown by wind, look like waves)

This piece expresses green grass, bending in the wind like waves. It represents the life force.

  • Namiha (Leaves, blown by wind, look like waves)


The arabesque is a pattern that has been used in both the East and the West, now and in the past. It also appeared in Japan in the past, via the Silk Road. It is a symbol of prosperity and long life.

  • Arabesque

Fitting image

Simple engraved earrings go to any clothes.

Subaru :: Earrings 925 Sterling Silver Japanese Engraving diamond


Terumi Miyamoto

Terumi MiyamotoEngraver (pattern engraving, hori-dome engraving, stone setting). Graduated Tohoku University of Art and Design, Crafts course in 2009. …

A Japanese craftsman will craft your Jewelry
with the utmost care after receiving your order

Please allow up to 5 weeks to finish. The jewelry will be shipped after they are finished.


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Subaru[昴] – Silver Japanese Engraving Earrings


Material Sterling Silver
K14WG(Earring posts)
Rhodium plated
Size 14 x 14 x 3 mm
(height x width x thickness)
Approximate weight 3 grams
Country of Origin Made in Japan
Production Time Each item is handmade to order. Please allow approximately 5 weeks to finish for production by our skilled craftspersons.

If the number of stocks is displayed then we will ship within 3 business days. – If the product does not display its number of stocks then it is out of stock. We will ship after stocks are made so you will have to wait 5 weeks after placing your order. – If the number of stocks is insufficient due to multiple purchases, we will compile the number of stocks after they are manufactured before shipping them out. You will have to wait 5 weeks after placing your order.