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In ages past, the samurai treasured their swords above their own lives. In those days, the craft of the metal smiths who decorated the swords was patronized by the daimyo (Japanese feudal lords). The craftsmen of the time attained a magnificent level of skill transcending that of the rest of the world. When the samurai were banned from carrying swords, the artisans turned to jewelry to make a living. Thus, the Japanese jewelry was born. Shinko Studio has embraced inherently Japanese techniques such as the Japanese-style engraving, and now produces items overflowing with a sense of luxury and embodying the samurai spirit.


The surface of the metal has a texture like fabric

Even if there were no color, you would sense the color there.
We pursue a cloth-like feel to our metals.

Following in the metalworking traditions
This is the sophistication of Japanese jewelry.

Wabori -Japanese Engraving

Traditional “Wabori” technique is often used in SHINKO STUDIO’s jewelry. During the 260 years of Japan’s isolation in the Edo period(from 1603 to 1868) , Japanese arts and crafts developed their own style and skills. The Wabori technique was used in various products such as Sword, Kanzashi (ornamental hairpin), and many others. In order to use the Wabori technique, you first need to make a “tagane” (a cold chisel) to fit your hands so that you can make engraved patterns on the metal.

It takes a master to make a beautiful line.

Wabori -Japanese Engraving