Kazuko Nishibayashi 2022 Exhibition at SHINKO STUDIO

We are pleased to present an exhibition of the work of Ms. Kazuko Nishibayashi, a Japanese contemporary jewelry artist who has been doing activities in Germany for nearly 30 years. Her jewelry has a universal beauty that does not fade away over the years.  (more…)

We will held an Asagi Maeda exhibition from October 8 (Fri) – 18 ( Mon) at SHINKO STUDIO Tokyo Shop. Asagi Maeda has been energetically creatingting contemporary jewelry in Japan.
Her works are highly regarded, mainly in the United States. Her pieces are owned by  Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Museum of Arts and Design, MAD in New York. The last day ends at 16:00. (more…)


 As a second step which we face characters and metals, we launched Kanji charm Shin. At the same time, we also announced 5 color wire necklaces.

The second in the corona, facing the letters and the materials. Maho Takada, a young designer from Shinko Studio, designed.

It has become a character that is conscious of Japanese modern pop culture  delves into the present. Click here for details

At the same time, we also announced five color wire necklaces. Click here for details