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About Team Shinko Studio members

What exactly is the kind of jewelry that we need now? How can we create things that are intimately connected with each individual’s life? Japanese manufacturing is now standing at a crossroads. Could there be a need to connect consumers, producers, and sellers more closely as we move forwards with manufacturing?

Team Shinko Studio members are individuals leading their own lives, who supports Shinko Studio by offering their feelings, ideas, and opinions from their standpoint as buyers and wearers. It is my belief that, in doing so, they also support Japanese manufacturing.

Benefits for registered members

Members can shop enjoying a 5–10% discount.*

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*Available in the Setagaya shop only. For information on the discount period, discountable goods, and services, please read below.

We appreciate your cooperation, as much as you can do, with the following activities:

  • Cooperation with questionnaires:
    Production-stage jewelry questionnaire 
  • Cooperation with permission to publish your custom-order jewelry on Shinko Studio’s web site.
  • Cooperation with interviews
    Cooperation with coverage from story books and media
  • Comments on the Internet etc.
    Cooperation with comments on the Internet and in printed materials

We may also ask for your cooperation, to the extent possible, with other matters.

Applicable items is purchased at a 5–10% discount at the following store:

  • Store
  • Applicable items
    Shinko Studio original goods valued at ¥30,000 or over (excluding tax): 10% discount The making of custom-order or remodeled pieces valued at ¥30,000 or over (excluding tax): 10% discount on the production fee Jewelry repairs valued at ¥5,000 or over per one charge: 5% discount * Discounts are not offered on sale items.

Email updates (emails offering information on attractively-priced items and on Shinko Studio activities)

Information is sent out as a letter.

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This is a community that was started up by Shinko Studio CEO, Akiko Yonei.

The community works for the succession of Japanese work, to cultivate youngjewelry creators, and to expand made-in-Japan jewelry both in Japan and around the world.

Launched in 2015. A forum for exchange related to Chitose-Funabashi, Setagaya between working women.