For those who live life single-heartedly

Design, crafts and Contemporary Jewelry from Tokyo

For those who live life single-heartedly

When we think of jewelry, we tend to think of something gorgeous.

However, the jewelry that we make must be jewelry for people who live life single-heartedly, for all it is worth.

So the jewelry created by Shinko Studio may be simple and lacks this kind of gorgeousness.

This is because we believe our jewelry should be something that can act as a life companion at all times.

To that end, we think that an artistic sensibility and fine crafting skills are required.

Slow is beautiful, so we work slowly and with perseverance.

But sometimes we just go with the flow.

Without getting caught up in the established ideas of the past.

And when the time comes, we run at full speed.

Always mindful of the considerate way of seeing things that is intrinsic to human nature.

When you realize that such a way of life also exists, it is sure to give you energy.

Shinko Studio CEO Akiko Yonei

What is the role of jewelry?

We want to make jewelry that is able to love and cherish everyday life.

Jewelry that – has meaning just by existing – becomes a part of everyday life just by being worn

There are meaning and truth precisely in everyday life.

If jewelry can create an opportunity for you to live your days with conscientiousness, we are happy with that.

Shinko Studio’s jewelry is made by various people, such as artists and craftsmen,

who gather together to do so.

If all jewelry up until the present have been reliant on the value of the precious raw materials used in their creation

The creativity and handiwork of humans, and the process of creation

– Such “creation of objects,” which is humankind’s most primitive action,

is precisely what we believe has the power to change society in a light manner.

In Japan, during the samurai period, there were metalsmiths who excelled in making sword guards, armor, and so on.

In the period which no longer needs swords, they have discovered a use for that unique sensitivity and skill in the creation of jewelry.


  • 2019
    Published Kosa [交差]series collaborated with Kazuko Nishibayashi, contemporary jewelry artists in Germany.
  • 2017
    Published Tsutsum[包] collaborated with Kazuyo Gomi, jewelry artist.
  • 2016
    Published Surface[面と線] collaborated with Kazuko Nishibayashi, contemporary jewelry artists. 
  • 2012
    Started activities Jewelry Artists of Japan.Jewelry Artists of Japan (JAJ)‘  is a community set up by Shinko Studio CEO Akiko Yonei for young jewelry creators. It regularly holds seminars, study meetings, and other such events.
  • 2004
    SHINKO STUDIO Jewelry commences in full swing.
    A style, produced by Akiko Yonei , is established.
    They have since continued to introduce new collections in spring and autumn.
  • 2003
    Moved store location. Reopened, focusing on the development of original jewelry.
  • 1966
    Opened a watch and jewelry store in Setagaya, Tokyo.
    Sold jewelry conceived out of close relationships with local customers.
  • 1963
    Founded, with office located at Shitaya-take-cho, Taito-ku ( downtown Tokyo)