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Let’s live every day
with a sense of design


I am not originally from a design field, so I used to believe that only special people were involved in design.

However, as I encountered jewelry design and interacted with artists and creators, I came to realize the importance of “design and art” in people’s lives.

Especially “design” must be accessible to everyone because it is originally intended to solve social problems.

I think so now.

We should go back to the more fundamental question, “Why do people wear things?” and to think about the closer relationship between the human body and things.

Our daily life is not so cool and fashionable.
But that’s okay.
I suppose that a true design is something that blends unconsciously into our daily lives.

However, there must be an assertion or proposal that will create a new era within it. And within that, there must be claims and proposals that will create a new era.

Therefore, we will continue to experiment with new ideas and new ways of making things.

We will also discover our identity and work as a team to create things with a gentle perspective.

It may be a good idea to access design and art through jewelry first!

Shinko Studio CEO Akiko Yonei

SHINKO STUDIO – Shinko Studio

It all began with this store in Tokyo.

We are the flagship store of MENTOSEN, taking custom orders, remodeling, and repairing jewelry. We also hold exhibitions of contemporary jewelry artists’ works several times a year.

It is a real store of MENTOSEN’s collection and SHINKO STUDIO Tokyo collection.

Bespoke & Remodeling

We offer custom-made and remodeling solutions for daily life.

The design is created by interviewing each customer. We create the design with CAD (3D modeling software) and show it to you in a three-dimensional model with a 3D printer model.

While exploring advanced manufacturing, we engage with local people as a store in town.

And yet, we offer advanced designs and the latest technology. We want to keep working with my feet on the ground.

Design, Digital & Craftsmanship Jewelry
-Thinking about the relationship between people and digital

Jewelry collection composed of “surfaces” and “lines” MENTOSEN.

MENTOSEN is a new jewelry collection created by SHINKO STUDIO in 2021. We continue to create new designs created by utilizing digital technology and the work of human hands.
We want to use digital not only for efficiency, but also to express the subtle senses of human beings.
We want to use it not only for efficiency, but also to express the subtle senses of human beings.


  • 2022

    Launched MENTOSEN collection

  • 2012

    Started activities of Jewelry Artists Japan (JAJ), a community of young jewelry creators.

  • 2002

    Establishment of SHINKO STUDIO Ltd. Akiko Yonei became representative and began full-fledged original collections.

  • 1997

    Akiko Yonei, the current representative, gradually began to produce original jewelry.

  • 1966

    Opened in Chitose Funabashi, Setagaya, Tokyo, as a watch, jewelry, glasses shop.

  • 1963

    The company was founded in Shitaya-takecho, Tokyo (present-day Taito-ku, Tokyo).