For those who live life single-heartedly

Jewelry by artists and craftspeople from Japan

For those who live life single-heartedly

When we think of jewelry, we tend to think of something gorgeous.

However, the jewelry that we make must be jewelry for people who live life single-heartedly, for all it is worth.

So the jewelry made by Shinko Studio is simple and lacks this kind of gorgeousness.

This is because we believe our jewelry should be something that can act as a life companion at all times.

To that end, we require artistic sensibility and fine crafting skills.

Slow is beautiful, so we work slowly and with perseverance.

But sometimes we just go with the flow.

Without getting caught up in the established ideas of the past.

And when the time comes, we run at full speed.

Always mindful of the considerate way of seeing things that is intrinsic to human nature.

When you realize that such a way of life also exists, it is sure to give you energy.

Shinko Studio CEO Akiko Yonei


  • 1963
    Founded, with office located at Shitaya-take-cho, Taito-ku ( downtown Tokyo)
  • 1966
    Opened a watch and jewelry store in Setagaya, Tokyo.
    Sold jewelry conceived out of close relationships with local customers.
  • 2003
    Moved store location. Reopened, focusing on the development of original jewelry.
  • 2004
    SHINKO STUDIO Jewelry commences in full swing.
    A style, produced by Akiko Yonei , is established.
    They have since continued to introduce new collections in spring and autumn.
  • 2012
    Jewelry Artists of Japan (JAJ) is a community set up by Shinko Studio CEO Akiko Yonei for young jewelry creators. It regularly holds seminars, study meetings, and other such events.

During samurai times, Japanese goldsmiths used to make armor and hand guards for swords. The enactment of the Sword Abolishment Edict of 1876 put them out of work, however. It was around this time that jewelry arrived in Japan from the outside world. Japan’s goldsmiths put their traditional goldsmithing skills to use in making jewelry, thus striking on a new way of making a living. The goldsmithing work of the time demonstrated a sensitivity and skill that earned it a reputation of superlative craftsmanship in modern times.

After discovering this, I started to make pieces for an original jewelry collection. These now form the base of the Shinko Studio jewelry collection.

The original mission and role of jewelry

World conditions change at a dizzying pace, swallowing people up in trends.

But people still need to live.

As I lived my life each day, I met people who were patiently putting up with things, living single-heartedly.

And I realized that I’d like to make jewelry for these kinds of people!

If the power of art is added to craftsmanship, it becomes possible to create the kind of jewelry that becomes a life companion.

And while it may be modest, this kind of jewelry might also be able to give people courage.

This is what I expect was the original role of jewelry.

And now I am making jewelry.

Life is not only happy moments.

This is exactly why we need jewelry.

Something that will support our spirits in the times when life gets hard.

I want my jewelry to give the people who wear it that little bit of extra energy.

It is with this hope in mind that Shinko Studio makes jewelry.