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Engraver & Stone Setter

Terumi Miyamoto

Terumi Miyamoto Terumi Miyamoto

Engraver (pattern engraving, hori-dome engraving, stone setting). Graduated Tohoku University of Art and Design, Crafts course in 2009. Started working with wabori Japanese engraving and stone setting in a custom-made jewelry company. Currently works independently, receiving orders for work from Japan’s high-end jewelry brands. Also active in a range of fields including studio production and the teaching of engraving classes and workshops.

Was diagnosed with an incurable intestinal disease (ulcerative colitis) at the age of 23. As is not surprising with this kind of life experience, though she is a young artist, the seriousness with which she engraves lines using her chisel is rather extraordinary. Though one may expect she engraves gentle lines with delicacy, her work is deep and wild, and yet also give birth to dignified lines.

Engraving with a chisel is the final stage in the process of jewelry-making, so there is no room for mistakes. One must, therefore, be prepared to take on the work with a graceful attitude. In contrast to her usual gentle appearance, this artist’s gaze takes on a severe aspect when she starts work.

She takes these words seriously: “If you are able to use a chisel and have the ability to distinguish good things from bad, you can work smoothly anywhere.”

Work with Shinko Studio

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