Kosa – Flat Ring

To know "oneself"

by feeling "different"


It's probably a hassle but let's try to exchange and be involved with people even just a little more

Blue gray pearls were brought up at Uwajima in Ehime prefecture in Japan .

It is slightly baroque.

Each shape is slightly different and unique.

It's because the world is a gathering of different people. 

By doing exchanges we will be able to know "ourselves" by feeling "different".

* Kōsa means is to cross in Japanese, it means crossing.



Japanese contemporary jewelry artist who is doing activities in Germany, Kazuko Nishibayashi was in charge of the original design.


Uwajima Akoya Cultured Pearls

Pearls are cultivated in the beautiful sea of Uwajima in Ehime prefecture. Among them there are some that could not form perfectly round. However, their blue gray color and luster are very beautiful. But, to make them in product, they need to be adjusted by craftsman one by one.

This is why they are not commonly found in markets. The pearls are not suitable for mass production, but are all the more attractive for that reason.

*The flawed pearls are different in shape one by one. Also, as they are a by-product of making round pearls, please note that the number is limited due to the finished products. After the end of our stock, restocking will be done from next February to March.




Kōsa[交差]-Cross Paerl Ring SHINKO STUDIO


Kōsa[交差]-Curve Paerl Ring SHINKO STUDIO

Production Team Roles】

Kazuko Nishibayashi

Kazuko NishibayashiA Japanese contemporary jewelry artist who has been active in Germany for a long time. They are in charge of ring draft design on this collection; with the beauty of absolute lines and shaping.

Kazunori Doi

Kazunori DoiThe third generation of the pearl cultivation company in Uwajima that has been succeeded since his grandfather. Graduated from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology and studied in the United States, and is currently putting his efforts in regional vitalization of Uwajima.

Takeshi Uchida

Takeshi UchidaA jewellery craftsman. First Class Qualified Metal Jewellery Production Technician. Winning many awards from National Skills Grand Prix, JJA jewellery design award and more. Involved in ring making through the finishing process. Identifies the shape and the feature of Baroque pearls and adjust each ring shape manually for setting them.

Kenichi Ito

Kenichi ItoCAD data producer, 3D data production adviser, Skilled with craftsman, he has been starting the carrier since the beginning era of jewelry CAD. The ring making at this time, has been leading his success of beautiful design by size prediction and his flexibility of amending curve shape.

Terumi Miyamoto

Terumi MiyamotoEngraver, stone setter.
Graduated from Tohoku University of Art and Design. She does work for engraving with Japanese traditional technique using chisel and small hummer. Now making new proposals to Shinko Studio, she works for jewelry top brand in Japan.. She is in charge of side engraving.

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    Silver925 / Pt900 / Akoya Pearl

  • Made in Japan