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Akiko Yonei

Akiko Yonei

Started her career by assisting with her father’s watch and jewelry shop after working for a company. Established Shinko Studio in 2002. In 2012, Launch  Jewelry Artists of Japan (JAJ), a community for young people in the jewelry-making industry and metal crafts.

If jewelry is a symbol of wealth or honor, then it may already have served its time in being useful in society. Jewelry has also been seen as a symbol of happiness until now, but I wonder if this is really the case.

I tend to think that jewelry is something that becomes necessary at those times when life delivers trying situations.

Having also learned that the history of jewelry production in Japan is founded on the work of metal- crafts craftspeople such as those who used to make ornamental hairpins and the metalwork for samurai swords, I came to feel that I would like to produce jewelry with a new sensibility, something that can incorporate diversity without the established ideas of the past, so that my jewelry may serve as a companion for people in their everyday lives.

This would require the essence of Japanese craftsmanship, which forms the identity of Shinko Studio.

I am very happy if the pieces that I produce provide those who wear them with even just a little bit of strength for living.

Work with Shinko Studio

Pt900 Sapphire & Road Light Garnet Ring with Japanese Engraving SHINKO STUDIO
Pt900 Pearl Diamonds Ring – Custom Order Ring SHINKO STUDIO
K18YG Diamond Ring Custom Order SHINKO STUDIO
Braid (kumihimo) + gold + Japanese engraving + diamonds bracelet SHINKO STUDIO