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‘Please tell us about the lifestyle the people that come to the store have.’

I am driven by these feelings because of all of the customers that come to Shinko Studio on a daily basis. These customers are full of compassion and tenderness. It’s very charming.

There’s countless types of jobs these days. But the common factor in all of them is that we have to jump over hurdles such as strong, and sometimes preconceived, ideas in life. And yet, after that can we consider ourselves to still have our feet firmly on the ground? I feel as though this charm is a ray of hope in this current society which is enveloped in feelings of limitations.

Personally, I make the jewelry and manage the store. Among the people who visit the store, the most common are people involved in international jobs, and so-called ‘career women’. But I don’t sense any authority in them at all. The beauty of their life is that they would have, without a doubt, had to overcome a lot of troubles in order to obtain it.

They scrape off most of the unnecessary things – such as status or name – and seem to understand what they are here in this world to do.

Jewelry was originally here for those kinds of people. I felt as though I was being told that I should make jewelry for those who are suffering or have lost their way.

Life isn’t easy.

Days of distress continue as unsolvable problems keep coming along. In those kinds of situations, I tend to be bold and face things head-on. That’s why I have made so many mistakes. It might not be cool, but due to that I have a strong sense of reality, and can sense a person’s true charm.

This Storybook introduces the people who are living the charming life. But at the same time, I would also like it if it also becomes a small shout-out to those who live life single-heartedly.

Slow is beautiful, so we work slowly and with perseverance.

But sometimes we just go with the flow.

Without getting caught up in the established ideas of the past.

And when the time comes, we run at full speed.

Always mindful of the considerate way of seeing things that is intrinsic to human nature.

When you realize that such a way of life also exists, it is sure to give you energy.

CEO Akiko Yonei