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2018 Shinko Studio activities

I would like to inform you on the Shinko Studio activities in 2018. If you have time, please read this.

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Shinko Studio Custom madejewelryMay 
“Just my style” wedding jewelry exhibition at Ginza AC Gallery
We took part in the “Just my style” wedding jewelry exhibition, which will be held at the Ginza AC, Gallery from May 22 to 27. Shinko Studio unveiled wedding rings designed around the theme of “husband and wife retaining separate family names”.
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A place where users and creators can connect
Creators’ Session Night –
Contemporary Jewelry Artist, Asagi Maeda
June 14th (Thursday) to 19th (Tuesday)  Asagi Maeda‘s creations were on display at SHINKO STUDIO’s Tokyo shop. At the same time, we set up a place where users and creators can connect.
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About Creators’ Session Night

shinko studio creators' session night May 2018


October -November 
JEWELRY & LIFE exhibition at Isetan
The JEWELRY & LIFE exhibition hold at Shinjuku Isetan from October 31 to November 13, 2018. This was a project for growing up young artists. At the same time, it was also a trial which we had an opportunity of considering about “JEWELRY”. Shinko Studio CEO, Akiko Yonei proposed the plane and participating in the launch of this project.

Creators’ Session Night –Contemporary Jewelry Artist, Takahito Mitsuka
Talk session with a contemporary jewelry artist. Takahito Mitsuka  is a young artist who is studying at Tokyo University of the Arts.
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Shine On! Kids Bailey Pendant. Shinko Studio produced.

Shinko Studio produced the Bailey Pendant for the cloud founding of Shine On! Kids.

Shine On! Kids is a Non- Profit- Organization for supporting children with cancer and other serious illnesses in Japan.

Shinko Studio has helped Shine On! since inception. We produced the pendant for Bailey who worked as a facility dog. This pendant made its debut as a return goods of Shine On! Kids’ Cloud Founding 2018 winter.