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Pt950 Mexico Opal Ring Bespoke

Pt950 Mexico Opal Ring Bespoke


This was a bespoke piece from proposing a Mexican opal stone.

The shoulders of the ring are slightly raised to match the thickness of the stone, so that the stone can be seen from the side.

We discussed this design with the customer.


Pt950 Mexico Opal Ring Bespoke


This Mexican opal is a highly transparent stone with a pale orange hue.

The stone is set on mirror finished platinum, so the color of the metal and the play of color of the opal resonate with each other.

You will surely want to look at it from different angles.


Pt950 Mexico Opal Ring Bespoke


The fine texture on the arm of the ring contrasts well with the texture of the opal, which looks like a grain of light.



Pt950 Mexico Opal Ring Bespoke

I have the impression that there are many opal jewelry pieces out there that are difficult to wear due to poor design.

We need to make jewelry for modern people.
The most important thing is to look carefully at the texture of the stone, the metal, and the overall form of the piece, and with a little ingenuity, create a thoughtful and modern design.

Pt950 Mexico Opal Ring Bespoke


Of course, this requires not only the work of the designer, but also the high quality work of the craftsman.

The customer’s opinion, the designer’s work, and the craftsman’s skill.

Custom-made products are interesting because they are created by everyone.