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Jewelry Repair, Ring Resizing, Pearl Necklace Restringing

We will happy to accept your jewelry repair, even if they are not our manufactured ones. Skillful Japanese artisan will repair your jewelry.
Please allow at least 3 weeks for the repair to be completed before bringing the repaired items to the store. Depending on the repair process, some items may take longer than 3 weeks. We appreciate your understanding. We only accept repairs if you can bring the repaired item directly to our store.

Ring Resizing(Tax included)
(From 2024 May prices may vary according to how the metal is attached)

  Basic fee for each #1 over(Japanese size)
K18 4,620yen 2,640yen
Pt 4,730yen 2,640yen
K18WG 4,620yen 3,520yen
+2,230yen (for a Rhodium finishing)

Ring Refinishing

K18/Pt 3,850yen
K18WG 5,500yen

Chain Repairs(Tax excluded)

Solder chain(1 spot) 2,200yen~

Pearl Necklace Restringing

With string (up to 45cm) 2,750yen~