We held a new presentation at the Shinko Studio in Tokyo on June 1

Pearls which could not become perfectly-round


We held a new presentation at the Shinko Studio in Tokyo on June 1 (Saturday). I think it was great if those who always love us enjoyed it.
The new them this time was
To know “oneself”
       by feeling “different”

Kōsa[交差]-Curve Paerl Ring SHINKO STUDIO


Doi’s cultured pearl farm that does pearl cultivation has been made in Uwajima in Ehime prefecture, and we presented a ring made of a flawed blue grey pearl.
We were able to do flawed pearls somehow on pearls that didn’t become perfect pearls.
These pearls have strong personalities but beautiful. This blue grey color is a natural color.
*Kōsa means is to cross in Japanese, it means crossing.

Kōsa[交差]-Flat Paerl Ring SHINKO STUDIO

 More detail s

But this flawed is not geared towards mass scale production.
Each and every pearl, has to be adjusted with metal to fit that pearl’s shape. So it takes a lot of effort and time.
We think we want to create this beautiful lines simply with different pearl and introduce to the world strongly.
And so, our initial consultations decided on Kazuko Nishibayashi, a Japanese contemporary jewelry artist based in Germany. We expect her feeling of simple but practical design can bring up maximizing a beauty of the pearl.

Kōsa[交差]-Cross Paerl Ring SHINKO STUDIO

 More detail  Flawed Akoya Cultured Pearl Rings: Kosa-Cross Sterling Silver

Optional Japanese engraving

You can order a Japanese-style engraving on the side for about 1/4 side. All are hand-engraved. Straight lines require advanced technique.

Kōsa[交差]-Flat  Blue Gray Paerl Ring Engraving SHINKO STUDIO