3/26Fri-4/4Sun mahotakada solo exhibition – Margin- 余白

Margin- 余白

On 3/26 ㈮-4 / 4 ㈰, we will hold an exhibition of works by young contemporary jewelry artist Maho Takada at Shinko Studio Tokyo Store.

The theme is”Margin- 余白”.

imperfection shell – Silver925 Necklace(約80cm)

“Unnecessary and unurgent things” that we haven’t thought of as important until just a year ago = “margins” in our lives.

Under the circumstances of the spread of corona infection, I realized that such a margin was actually very important for us.

Jewelry may just be unnecessary and urgent and a “margin” in life.

It is a message works with her belief that we dare to make a margin in our lives in the situation where such social evaluation is given to jewelry.

An exhibition by young 20s contemporary jewelry artists.

Even if you are wondering what contemporary jewelry is, please feel free to drop by.


 【Maho Takada】

Born in 1994. Contemporary jewelry artist.

Graduated from Musashino Art University Graduate School. She was selected at the Japan Jewelery Exhibition, Itami Craft Exhibition, etc.

Currently, he is also active as a designer for Shinko Studio.mahotakada Web site



 imperfection shell – Silver925 Necklace(About 80cm)

Everyday life and metals.

Day-to-day life and arts.

I hope it will be a solo exhibition where people can easily interact with metals and arts.


 blobs of loop mini/blobs of loop- Silver925 Earrings 

mahotakada  Web Site

Maho Hakada’s Design work at Shinko Studio