Excursion for Adults – Feel walking ! Enjoy local!

We held ” Excursion for adults – Feel walking ! Enjoy local! ” on October 24th  Sunday. 
This event was organized by SHINKO STUDIO with the idea of regaining the connection between people, which has become estranged in Corona.
We walked around the local area of Shinko Studio with locals, Shinko Studio customers, their friends, and so on.


We were able to carry out the event in a pleasant autumn day.  The route I walked is as follows. We used the map app GPS to record the routes we walked.

Shinko Studio (elevation 43.72m) → Okura Water Supply Station (elevation 53.6m, Setagaya highest point) → Homemade yeast bakery “Matsukaze” → Okamoto Fujimizaka  → Seikado Bunko Museum→ Okamoto Hachiman Shrine → Okamoto Minkaen Viewing (elevation 17.74) m) → Around Okura 3-chome Park along Maruko River → Kinuta Park Lunch→ Dissolution at Kinuta Park

Meet at Shinko Studio at 9:30. The elevation is 43.7m. ” Here we go! “
Shinko Studio (elevation 43.7m) → Okura Water Supply Station (elevation 53.6m, Setagaya highest point) → Homemade yeast bakery “Matsukaze” (elevation 40.8m).

Matsukaze is a bakery that is open only three days a week. Bread is made from homemade yeast and 100% domestic wheat.

The bakery owner wore a kimono, Japanese traditional wear.

When we crossed Setagaya Dori street, passed through the Okura Sports Ground, and crossed the Tomei Expressway Bridge, the scenery suddenly opened up.

We feel that we are standing on the edge of the Kokubunji cliff line.

Actually, the elevation is lower than the Shinko Studio Tokyo shop, but I feel like I’ve come to a very high place.

As we walked along the ridgeline of the Kokubunji cliff line in Okamoto, there was a small back door of the Okamoto Seikado Bunko.

We were able to see the ongoing “World of Beauty over Noh-First Public Release! 120 Years From Yanosuke Aizo, Shibata Domain Mizoguchi Family Former Noh Collection”

We couldn’t see Mt. Fuji hidden in the clouds, but it was the most pleasant view.

The elevation of the Okamoto Seikado Bunko is 34.1m.

After that, we visited Okamoto Hachiman, which has a small shrine right next to Seikado.

When we go down this steep staircase, the elevation drops to 17.6m. I experienced a 20m descent.

Below is the Okamoto Minkaen, where the former Nagasaki family residence has been relocated.


After walking along the Maruko River, we went up Fujimi-zaka, which we had saw from above.

It’s just the end of elementary school, and it’s a school route.

Children climb this steep slope every day.

We also arrived at the top, out of breath.

While returning on the way back, this time, we passed through the Okura playground and went to the family park in Kinuta Park.

I opened the sheet and ate lunch box and “Matsukaze”‘s bread.