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What is a "thing"?

It is wonderful whenever we feel happy or delighted through "things" in our daily lives.

Shinko Studio is an original jewelry shop where artists and craftsmen can be part of various activities.

What makes a good thing to those “who use” and those “who make”?

I want to think about this question with those who gather at a familiar jewelry shop in town.
I would love if we could come together on a weekday evening, and spend a good time talking about art and creativity.
Events will take place, like talk sessions and activities, with people involved in jewelry-making, such as contemporary jewelry artists to craftsmen and designers, participating as guests.
By conversing with other individuals, I believe that we may find more meaning in "things", as something that we can more closely associate with our lives.

creator's session night 2018/Dec. shinkostudio

Let’s try on art jewelry! Let’s talk with artists!
What is twenties young jewelry artists thinking?

From 12/6 (Thurs) PM 7: 30-, we will hold Creator’s Session Night at the Shinko Studio Setagaya Shop.
Talk session with a contemporary jewelry artist Takahito Mitsuka  is a young artist who is studying at Tokyo University of the Arts. In addition, you can freely try his artworks. (more…)

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