Surface[面と線] - K18YG/WG Necklace / modern contemporary japanese designers jewelry SHINKO STUDIO

Surface[面と線] - K18YG/WG Necklace

The keywords are multi-faceted and diverse

Looking at things from a different angle opens up a suddenly surprising and refreshingly new world. These pieces of jewelry take on wholly unexpected surfaces when observed from new angles. What we can see is not necessarily everything we may encounter in life. The unseen can sometimes speak truth.

Surface[面と線] - K18YG/WG Necklace Rectangle SHINKOSTUDIO
Surface[面と線] - K18YG/WG Necklace Square SHINKOSTUDIO
Surface[面と線] - K18YG/WG Necklace Oval SHINKOSTUDIO

Kazuko Nishibayashi ARTIST

Kazuko Nishibayashi Graduated studies in life design at Joshibi University of Art and Design. Took a course in jewelry at Pforzheim University as an auditing student. Established a studio in Düsseldorf, Germany in 1993 and exhibited in various parts of Europe while basing herself in Germany…

Kazuko Nishibayashi
Surface Earrings
Surface Earrings

K18YG・K18WG / $1,118 – 1,227
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Stainless Spiral Chain
Stainless Spiral Chain

Stainless 0.8mm 40-80cm chain / $110 – 137
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– Just my true heart only for you –

A Japanese craftsman will craft your Jewelry
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Please allow up to 3 weeks to finish. The jewelry will be shipped after they are finished.


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Surface[面と線] – K18YG/WG Necklace


Material K18YG / K18WG
Country of Origin Made in Japan

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