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Shine On! Kids – Silk Braided Bracelet

A Shinko Studio & Shine On! Kids Collaboration

Shine On! KidsOnce upon a time, so many centuries ago, the Iga Province (present day Mie Prefecture) was home to the Iga ninja school. Here, the Iga ninja served their master and later the Tokugawa shogunate for some 300 years. In addition to its fame as the home of the Iga ninja school, Iga is also famous for producing the highest quality kumihimo, Japanese traditional braided cords, used for wearing kimono and Samurai armor for many centuries. In keeping with the historical theme of our charms, we have chosen a small workshop from this historical location to produce these Ninja Bracelets.

Benefiting the Shine On! Kids non-profit organization, this beautiful silk braided bracelet with sterling silver clasp represent the hope of children fighting cancer and other serious illnesses. Show your support for these children, and send them a little luck by wearing the Shine On! Kids bracelet.

About Shine On! Kids

Shine On! Kids is the officially recognized brand name of the Tyler Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports Japanese children fighting cancer and other serious illnesses. Shine On! Kids listens to the needs of parents and with the guidance of a quality Japanese medical advisory team, the organization is working towards the following goals:

To empower children with cancer and their families through innovative programs using arts in medicine, animal therapy and skilled counseling.

To realize excellence in medical teams and treatment by providing additional medical staff, enabling collaboration among medical teams and supporting targeted research.

To raise awareness of childhood cancer in the community through academic circles, general public volunteering and corporate sponsor involvement.

We encourage you to learn more about the various Shine On! Kids Programs that support these brave children and their loving families.

Celebrating another successful year with supporters and sponsors at our annual gala. See what Shine On! Kids has planned for the future and listen to the story of a Makiko, a childhood leukemia survivor whose experience with Bailey of our Facility Dog Program has now given her a new goal in life.


The bracelet features the Shinko Studio logo in Sterling Silver with sterling silver clasps allowing you to adjust the length. Place charms between the knots. Length is adjustable: 12 – 26 cm (4.7 – 10.2 inches)

The special Shine On! Kids version of the Ninja Silk Braided Bracelet features a “Shine On! Kids” labeled clasp allowing you to show your support for this wonderful organization.

  • Shine On! Kids – Silk Braided Bracelet
  • Shine On! Kids – Silk Braided Bracelet
  • Shine On! Kids – Silk Braided Bracelet
  • Shine On! Kids – Silk Braided Bracelet
  • Shine On! Kids – Silk Braided Bracelet
  • Shine On! Kids – Silk Braided Bracelet
  • Shine On! Kids – Silk Braided Bracelet

About the Braider

The Kurimoto Kumihimoten, a family run business founded in 1925, is based in the small town of Iga. In this historical place, Kurimoto Kumihimoten has been producing kumihimo for more than 80 years. “Our kumihimo squeaks like shoes on powdery snow when you tie it. This Kinu-Nari (the sound of silk) can be heard only when you use high quality silk.” Read more about the Kurimoto Kumihimoten


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Shine On! Kids – Silk Braided Bracelet


A portion of proceeds will be donated to the foundation with each piece sold.


Material 925 Sterling Silver, 100% silk
Country of Origin Made in Japan
Weigth 1g