Fujin Raijin

Fujin Raijin - Silver Charms Japanese Drawing Characters

Fujin RaijinSHINKO STUDIO’s Charm Series was born from the Japanese tradition of interweaving contemporary taste with comedic motifs. Each peace is created to capture the lightheartedly mirthful expressions that seem to come to life within the Fujin-Raijin. SHINKO STUDIO cherishes sha-re gokoro as a philosophy for the founding of each of our creations. It is highly developed techniques and skills used by Japanese artisans during the Edo period.

In the early 17th century, the artist Sotatsu Tawaraya created a folding screen painting of the gods of wind and thunder —Fujin-Raijin, now considered to be a masterpiece. Shinko Studio artists were inspired by this artistic rendition of the legend to create the Fujin-Raijin charm collection.

God of Wind

Fujin creates strong winds with the cloth sack on his back bringing us harvest and happiness, and is also known as the God who protects the safety of navigating ships.

  • God of Wind
  • God of Wind


Uchiwa – Fan: The God of Wind uses an Uchiwa fan to blow the wind.

  • Fan
  • Fan

God of Thunder

Raijin reminds people of the awe of nature and protects us from natural disaster. He is having fun with a drum.

  • God of Thunder
  • God of Thunder

Thunder & Lightning

Kaminari – Thunder: The God of Thunder brings the thunder and lightning. This a chinese character of Thunder.

  • Thunder & Lightning
  • Thunder & Lightning


Taiko – Drum: The God of Thunder beats his taiko drum to bring the thunder and lightning.

  • Drum
  • Drum


Kumo – Cloud: The God of Wind travels through the lands on his cloud.

  • Cloud
  • Cloud



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  • God of Wind
  • Thunder & Lightning

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  • silver bracelet
  • Fujin Raijin - Silver Charms Japanese Drawing Characters
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  • Fujin Raijin
  • Fujin Raijin
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Charm Bracelet :: Oval Chain

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Fujin Raijin – Silver Charms Japanese Drawing Characters


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Material Sterling Silver
Approx metal weight 3.4 grams (0.12 oz)
Thickness God of Wind : 5.4 mm (13/64 inch)
Fan : 2.7 mm (7/64 inch)
God of Thunder : 5.4 mm (13/64 inch)
Thunder & Lightning : 1.7 mm (1/16 inch)
Drums : 1.7 mm (43/64 inch)
Cloud : 4.3 mm (11/64 inch)
Size God of Wind : 17 × 14 mm (43/64 × 35/64 inch)
Fan : 16 × 11 mm (5/8 × 27/64 inch)
God of Thunder : 16 × 16 mm (5/8 × 5/8 inch)
Thunder & Lightning : 19 × 11 mm (3/4 × 27/64 inch)
Drums : 15 × 15 mm (19/32 × 19/32 inch)
Cloud : 8 × 16 mm (5/16 × 5/8 inch)
Country of Origin Made in Japan

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