Forest regeneration born from sustainable agriculture Pt900 marriage ring

Pt900 Marriage ring custom order SHINKO STUDIO

The two had a wedding on the farm.

The man who ordered this ring was regenerating a 200ha forest that was abandoned cultivated land in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture in Japan.
He uses the vitality of bees and vegetables to run a farm that aims for an environment that is friendly to all lives.

One drop farm

The ring expresses the natural circulation with a slope like a Mobius strip, and the coarse jaggedness is a water crest made by a drop of milk squeezed juice.

The pattern was deeply engraved using a chisel.

Pt900 Marriage ring custom order SHINKO STUDIO

We made it thick enough so that this ring wouldn’t break even during field work.

The inside of the ring is laser engraved with their family crest.

Involving the region for sustainable agriculture

He is still trying new things today.