Silk Braided

Kurimoto Kumihimo

Kurimoto Kumihimo

The Kurimoto Kumihimoten was founded in 1925 in Iga,
a small town surrounded by mountains, also known as Ninja’s hometown.
Iga was famous for producing high quality Kumihimo, Japanese traditional braided cords,
used for wearing kimonos and Samurai’s armors for many centuries.
In this historical place, Kurimoto Kumihimoten has been producing Kumihimo for more that 80 years.

Our Kumihimo squeaks like shoes on powdery snow when you tie it.
This Kinu-Nari (sound of silk) can be heard only when you use high quality silk.

In 1925, at the time of the beginning of Kurimoto, they used to be a silkworm factory and produced silk threads. Once they lost the entire mulberry plantation due to bombs during WW2, they switched to being a Kumihimo maker successfully overcoming the tragedy. Since then, Kurimoto Kumihimoten has been producing Kumihimo with meticulous attention to the silk dye and braiding.

Actually Shinko Studio’s Ninja Silk Braided Bracelet could not be born without them. We were pursuing beautiful Japanese colors and particular firmness in our collection, and Kurimoto answered our requirements. After many trials and errors in dye, firmness and thickness, they perfectly achieved our Ninja Silk Braided Bracelet.

Kumihimo is made through many processes. First, the silk thread is twisted and then boiled to create a smooth touch and lustrous surface. Then the design is conceived balancing the type of braid, width, thickness, length and firmness. Dye is one of the most important parts of Kumihimo and needs skilled artisans. The smallest difference of climate effects the penetration of some dye colors. After more than 20 individual processes, our bracelets are created.

In the width of only 1.2mm (0.047”), our Ninja Silk Braided Bracelet embodies the passion of perfect workmanship and traditional skills. This collection is the reflection of the pride of craftsmanship.