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Surface Pendant

The keywords are multi-faceted and diverse.

Looking at things from a different angle opens up a suddenly surprising and refreshingly new world. These pieces of jewelry take on wholly unexpected surfaces when observed from new angles. What we can see is not necessarily everything we may encounter in life. The unseen can sometimes speak truth.

Become a work of art in the blink of an eye, just by putting on these creations. Made by joining together rectangles, squares, or ovals, these pieces will compliment any simple shirt or sweater. Functional jewelry, without the fuss of tying a scarf.

See things from the point of view of "versatility." Aspire to become the charming kind of person that can take in "variety." By just doing that one, small thing, the world easily becomes a better place.

  • Item No.
  • Material

    K18 or K18WG

  • Made in Japan