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Nozomi Pendant

Traditionally Japanese people had a special meaning and sense of beauty about "Musubi", the style of tying. This design is inspired by "Musubi" between families or loved ones. The pattern of clover is engraved by the "Wabori" technique.

This ring is designed with the idea that people start something new with hope, and the shape of the tying expresses a moment of release. The Wabori engraved clover signifies "hope." A diamond is placed at the end of knots. The delicate surface, like sprinkled gold powder with Wabori engravings pleases a wearer with each look.

  • Item No.
    SR0014 / SN0007
  • Material

    K18 (Rhodium plated)

  • Ct

    Ring D-0.02ct

    Pendant D-0.03ct

  • Made in Japan