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A-Un[あ・うん] Sterling Silver Japanese Characters Earrings

The world shook in the corona in 2020.

It was forbidden to connect people closely.


"A"-"Un" is casually a conversational ball that we exchange in our daily lives.

Are these sounds just responding, or is there any information there …?

I am not sure. But one thing’s certain.

Everyday life is full of affectionate "A-Un" sounds when people understand each other.


The characters of A-Un[あ・うん] use the type of letters "Hiragana".

There are three types of characters in Japanese. Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Hiragana and katakana are phonetic characters, and the characters themselves have no meaning. Hiragana was developed as a character used by women in the olden days. It is a soft, tender and gentle character.

In Japan, children learn hiragana first. After that, they learn kanji and katakana.

Hiragana can express emotions with a gentle sound and shape.

Hiragana chart with pronunciation

Hiragana “A”

A-Un[あ・うん] sterling silver 925 Hiragana a SHINKOSTUDIO

Hiragana “Un”

A-Un[あ・うん] sterling silver 925 Hiragana un SHINKOSTUDIO

"Ah"-"Un" from view of Buddhist thought

Furthermore, in Buddhism, "A" means the beginning of all things and "Un" means the end.

These two sounds express the beginning and end of all things in the universe.

Under the spread of corona infection, we faced "words" and challenged the ultimate design of "characters".

Such short words were important for people to connect.

We live strongly with simple and affectionate words.

[A-un] [a-hūṃ]

The Sanskrit script of ancient India begins with an "A" with a wide open mouth and ends with an "Un (hūṃ, 吽)" with a completely closed mouth. Therefore, "A-un" is a word that expresses two opposing things, from the beginning to the end of things in all the world.

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    925 Sterling Silver / Silicon posts
    Rhodium coating

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