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Niigata Artisans

To Niigata prefecture

The other day, I went to a workshop in Niigata, where craftsman Takeshi Uchida has made jewelry for Shinko Studio.
Niigata is a city on the Sea of Japan side.
Currently, it can be reached in 2 hours by bullet train from Tokyo. However, there was ever a very far-off place from the urban area. Also, there is a lot of snow in winter and winter life is hard.

On the other hand, the handwork that can be done inside buildings even in winter has developed, and there are many metalworking companies that make prototypes of rockets and precision machines.(Map from JR East)

In such Niigata, there is a workshop of Takeshi Uchida, who creates custom orders and collections that is required difficult technique for Shinko Studio.

As he says, ” I want to be a jewelry craftsman who can do all the work on my own, ”  there are many tools for jewelry making at his workshop. Saws, files, and chisels that is must-have for craftsmen, while laser welding, CAD(computer-aided design), 3D printer of the latest equipment Machine.

Custom Order Diamonds Ring : Craftsman Takeshi Uchida

Acrobatic stone setting and beautiful line

He has created jewelry with sharp sensitivity. The most amazing thing about his work is creating a beautiful line based on his highly skill.
This sometimes requires acrobatic stone setting and rather difficult processing.

When we design and discuss with him, I’ve never heard the word “can’t” from him.
In fact, the stone setting, the line and the expression of the metal texture require quite advanced techniques for Shinko Studio’s work.
We have many experiences that general craftsman refuses saying “I haven’t done it.”

However, he says, “It’s fun to challenge new things, and I’m excited that work that I haven’t done before will improve my skills.”

Above all, he comes true more beautiful lines than we designed.
Needless to say, customer satisfaction is high.
Careful and sensitive jewelry production on the base of his highly skill.

Custom Order K18 Diamond Ring : Craftsman Takeshi Uchida SHINKO STUDIO

Custom Order K18 Diamond Ring : Craftsman Takeshi Uchida

Highly skilled craftsmen is decreasing

In advanced countries, the number of craftsmen with such highly skill and sensibilities is decreasing. Of course, Japan is no exception.
The job of a craftsman who takes more than 10 years to get the skill is not glamorous compared to the job of the IT industry, which gets huge wealth in a short time. Also, we think that the complex distribution channels from the creator to the wearer is one of  problems.

Custom Order Pt900 Sapphire Diamond Ring :Craftsman Takeshi Uchida

Shinko Studio hopes to make jewelry in a relationship as close as possible to those who wear it, those who make it, and those who sell it easy.
Shinko Studio’s Tokyo shop is located in Setagaya, a bit on the outskirts of Tokyo. I’ve been working with people for a long time in the community, and I feel that the most important thing is connection with people.

Silver Kosa[交差]-Flat Akoya Pearl Ring: Craftsman Takeshi Uchida

I also hope to connect with people who live outside of Japan on the web, as closely as possible, just like neighborhood.
In addition, design is not only about the form, but also the people involved in the production and the whole process. I believe that with the people who come together based on that idea, we can make something new and one-of-kind sensitive, which is needed by society now.

Custom Order Pt900 Opal Ring : Craftsman Takeshi Uchida

Niigata Artisans

I interacted with young craftsmen who make jewelry in Niigata after visiting Takeshi’s workshop. Jewelry craftsmen with skills are not growing easily in central Tokyo, but here in Niigata, young craftsmen who had got awards at the Youth Skill Olympic were doing with enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to seeing how it grows.

Currently, the Loewe craft prizes is held in Tokyo. Many Japanese artists got a prize. So I would like to write about Japanese crafts.


From the 26 June to 22 July, The exhibition of the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize 2019 are held in Tokyo. All the finalists’ works are showcased at a free exhibition at Isamu Noguchi’s indoor stone garden ‘Heaven’ inside the Sogetsu Kaikan building in Tokyo.  (more…)

Pt900. Yu[結] Japanese engraving ring

Pt900. Yu[結] Japanese engraving ring Shinko Studio

This blog tells our life here in Tokyo along with our jewelry we create. From Akiko Yonei, representative director of Shinko Studio.

Tokyo, full bloom of cherry now

For Japanese people this sakura(cherry blossoms) season brings this special feeling.
The sakura period is short, which is only for a week or so from the time the blossoms fully blooms till they fall.

And since school and office year starts in April here in Japan so many people start their new life along with this season.

Japanese people reflect their thoughts about their events such as a school entrance ceremony and the start of one’s office work, etc. along with their milestones of their life. (more…)